“Dogs are man’s best friend”, isn’t that how the saying goes? Although back in the day, dogs were not domesticated and wild, we have been living side by side and in harmony with our dogs for thousands of years. The loyalty that your dog can give you is second to none and not only are they extremely intelligent they are amazing companions in every way. We, therefore, deserve to give our best friend the love and respect that he deserves and so the following tips can only improve the happiness and special bond that you both share between you.

Reward Him for Good Behaviour

The best way to encourage a dog to continue the good behavior that you want from him is to reward him every time he behaves in the way you expect him to.  For example, when he performs a certain trick or acts on the “come” command, then your dog will soon learn that that associated action will get him a reward and so he will do this good behavior for you every time in the view of knowing that he will receive a treat for doing so.

The tastier the snack the better but try not to give him too many high-fat snacks otherwise you will be ending up putting him on a diet! There are many dog treats on the market that are high in protein and minerals to keep him healthy.

Sleep With Your Dog

Allowing your dog to sleep with or near to you once in a while will stop the feeling that he could feel of isolation, especially if he is put in a different room of a night time. Your dog always wants to be around you and spend every minute of the day with you and so letting him sleep close by can only make your bond stronger.

It has been proven that people who share their beds with their dogs experience many more benefits than drawbacks of doing so. The sound of your dogs breathing and the feel of his heartbeat can lower your own heart rate and relax you. They are so warm and cozy too so it is hard not to just cuddle up to them whilst watching your favorite movie.

Take Him Out for Walks Often

Your dog looks forward to nothing more than a lovely walk in the park. After having been in the house for most of the day, cooped up sometimes with not a lot of room to run around in can bring his mood down. Think how happy he is to see you when you come through the door after work, his tail wagging and he just can’t give you enough attention to say how pleased he is to see you. It is always good to try and walk him twice a day, generally after breakfast and dinner time, giving him time to digest his food first and then he will be able to run around to his heart’s content and meeting all his doggie friends. After having socialized and been to the toilet he will come home in a tired but very contented, happy mood. You will notice how his sleep pattern will be relaxed and how his mood will be better if he gets these breaks in his day.

Going for walks with your dog will increase the communications between you and gives you the opportunity to install those all important commands, for example, the “come” or “stop” command. Walking with your dog on or off the leash will encourage great trust on both sides and can only strengthen the bond between the two of you. When your dog pulls on the leash in all directions this is mainly due to losing focus and all the excitement of everything that is going on around him, rather than listening to your commands when you want him to. Just bring him back to focus on your rather than telling him off as he is just taking in the world around him.

Talk to Your Dog

It has been proven that dogs do understand some words that we humans say to them and that their brains process language in a similar way to that of humans. Scientists noticed that when both sides of the brain of a dog agreed that they were hearing praise then the dog showed the emotion of being happy in response. Talking to your dog or indeed reading to him is both very relaxing for you and your dog.

Dogs are also very susceptible to relying on our facial expressions in order to communicate. Showing aggression or staring down at your dog will only make him cower away. When your dog looks you straight in the eye with lingering eye contact then this is his way of saying that he loves you. Often their facial expressions change too and you will see sometimes how their eyebrows will raise or he opens his mouth in the form of a “smile” then this is a way of showing his affection towards you.

Leaning Together

A true sign of love and trust in any dog is when he leans up against you. Making time to go to your dog and lean against him or just cuddling up with him shows how much you show your love is towards him and will lift his mood immensely.

Grooming and Feeding Your Dog

Naturally, your dog is going to love you if you are the one that feeds him every day! Sometimes you can hide pieces of food so it becomes a game for him to find them, in order to break up the routine a little but don’t forget dogs are very big on routine and so only do this once in a while. Whilst he is eating this can give you the opportunity to run your hands over his coat and check that there are no unusual bumps or skin irritations present, giving a quick once over visual inspection. Being able to do this will also show how much trust your dog has in your to let you do this whilst he is eating.

It obviously depends on what breed of dog you have as to how many grooming sessions are required but generally taking time once a week to properly groom your dog will be adequate for a short haired dog for instance. Your dog will love the attention that running a soft brush over his fur, wiping his face and cleaning his teeth and ears will bring him.

Give Your Dogs Toys

Playing with your dog every day will be a time that both of you should look forward to. Regularly check your dog’s toys for loose threads, stuffing or any other small parts that could become choking hazards to him. Give him the right size toys too as it is pointless giving him a toy that is too large for him to play with and so not only is it a waste of money but he will get frustrated that he cannot play with it. Likewise, if they are too small then they obviously could be potential choking hazards.

Playtime with your dog will show his personality at its best!


Most of all learn what your dog loves to do and what makes him happy!

How to Make a Dog Love You