How Your Dog Can Make You Healthier

Owning a pet can bring much fun, love, and affection and also not commonly known but can also provide some powerful mental and physical benefits.

Seeing how your dog loves his leftovers and spends most of the day sleeping and enjoys watching the TV, you’d be surprised how healthy a dog can make you in contrast of how he spends his day!


Dogs can bring amazing joy and unconditional love into your life

Improve your Mood

We all know that playing with a puppy makes you feel instantly better and it’s a lovely way to relax and waste time.

Dogs are known to reduce anxiety and the chemical cortisol, which is the chemical that brings your mood down; they also help to release serotonin which is the chemical that lifts your mood and is associated with pleasure and tranquility.

Dogs help in many areas of health and wellbeing and there is evidence that people who own dogs suffer less from depression than people who do not own dogs. You couldn’t get a more natural anti-depressant than that!

Spending just a few minutes with a dog can not only lower anxiety and stress but also lower blood pressure. People who have a stressful lifestyle and daily tasks seem to cope better when there is a dog around them throughout their working day. Studies have shown that dogs ease tension both at work and within the home.

Keep you Active and Fit

Every dog needs to go for a walk at least once or twice a day. This is one of the more obvious ways in which your dog can make you healthier. It, of course, encourages you to exercise more often and 30 minutes of exercise will lower the risk of many diseases that can befall us.

Dog owners are more than likely to hit the recommended goals of two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week. The elderly benefit greatly by owning a dog and because of the exercise your dog requires daily it is proven to keep them more supple and in turn reducing the doctor visits.

Help Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Dogs significantly reduce blood pressure for people who are generally in day to day stressful situations.

Because of becoming more active when owning a dog this tends to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels within the blood.

Increase Your Immune System

When your dog runs in from the garden and deposits dirt on the floor, you may not be too happy with his moment of fun but in essence, this is increasing your immune system against various bacteria. In a study that followed infants until they were one year old, they found that those who were around dogs became sick less than those that were not around dogs when they were growing up in their first year.

So don’t be too quick to tell him off when he brings in the dirt from the garden after having lots of fun finding his bone!

Give a Sense of Community

Dogs are great conversation starters and so bring people together in communicating about their love for their pets. This is very good for shy or isolated people enabling you to approach other people with more ease than you would normally feel if you were without your dog. Everyone loves to come up and stroke and cuddle a dog and they give so much warmth back.

Detect Illnesses

With training, dogs can actually sniff out various cancers e,g, skin, bladder, breast, colon, lung and ovarian.

There sense of smell is so sensitive that it can also sense when your blood sugar drops and so they can be trained to alert, by barking, if their owner is having a seizure. When your blood sugar drops your body produces a chemical change and this, in turn, makes you emit a different smell than your normal smell, this is what your dog can detect. This can be a life-saving move for someone with diabetes.


It is proven that pet owners have greater self-esteem and are able to bounce back from rejection. Dogs give great comfort to children and can encourage great empathy within them.

When times may be hard and tears start to flow, dogs will sense the change in mood and will want to comfort you by laying at your feet on your lap.

They are great listeners and just being able to offload your troubled day to your dog will always make you feel better and the best thing is that he will always give you that unconditional love whatever you tell them and wag their tail (if they have one) to just show you how much.

Dogs are very sensitive to human behavior, emotions and our body language. Studies show that dogs are sensitive to emotional contagion which means that the dog will respond to an emotional change without fully understanding what they are actually feeling. They, therefore, comfort you because they know things are as normal but they just don’t know exactly why.

How Dogs Comfort us When we Are Feeling Unwell

The best remedy to make you feel better is your four-legged friend. There has been an increase in therapy dogs which have proven to help in reducing stress through illness and even to detecting disease.

Dogs are very apt in picking up our body language and know when we are feeling sick or sad. They will notice subtle shifts in our behavior and act on them.

Just holding and touching a dog makes us happier and releases all the good hormones, for example, prolactin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

Sometimes you would love your dog to talk but because dogs don’t talk our language it makes them accept us for who we are and non-judgmental. They give us something else to relate to when communicating with humans is difficult for whatever reason.

This starts a domino effect because by making us feel happier and reducing stress this makes us feel better about ourselves and therefore makes us want to become more active, which in turn improves our health.

They install and teach us compassion, patience, kindness and generosity all of which are emotions that help in our personal lives too.

They are a great heat pad too, providing warmth on your aches and pains when they lean against you or lay on your back or lap.

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself